The Advisory & Counseling Group at True Worshippers provides free advisory and counseling resources to support youth development in all areas of their lives, including Education & Career, Relationships, Life & Family, as well as God & Spirituality

Our program is designed for all youth and young adults who are in need of mentorship, direction, advice, counsel, or simply need someone to talk to.

There are three main reasons why we believe our program is essential.

  1. Many youth are not fulfilling their full potential because they are often derailed with issues in Education & Career, Relationships, Life & Family, as well as God & Spirituality
  2. Many youth in our community do not have mentors who they can relate to in age and experience.
  3. Many youth are reluctant to talk to someone about issues they face, due to a lack of trust and confidentiality.

To see God’s children grow and flourish in all areas of life, and have timely and adequate support in times of uncertainty and distress.

Step 1: Schedule to speak with an advisor/counselor in-person, via phone

Step 2: An advisor or counselor will contact you, unless otherwise specified as anonymous.

Step 3: After the call, follow-ups can be scheduled separately at the discretion of both parties.

Anonymity: All persons have to option to talk to an advisor/counselor anonymously

Confidentiality & Non-Disclosure: All information and conversations are protected under our Confidentiality Policy

We have a diversity of advisors & counselors – male and female, young and old, married and single, employed and enrolled in school, and have a variety of experiences.

Please fill this form to speak to someone or send us at e-mail at