The purpose of this conference is to unlock and develop the leadership potential in the youth using Christian principles.

The inaugural edition of The True Worshippers Spirit of Leadership Conference was held on January 22nd, 2011 in Woodbridge Virginia. With about 110 people in attendance, the continued impact of the conference over the years has been expressed by attendees. It is imperative that minority youth are afforded every opportunity to receive education on leadership. This conference equips the youth to become outstanding leaders in the community and during this networking opportunity. We believe in preparing young people to lead at any moment and in every setting, when the opportunity presents itself.

During this conference attendees develop their leadership abilities by learning from Christian business and community leaders. They will discuss approaches to leadership through plenary sessions, networking activities, as well as small-group sessions led by aspiring leaders. They also participate in skill and solution workshops, where they will meet and exchange ideas with other young leaders from other schools, churches, and countries.


  • To inspire young men and women to seek and accept leadership responsibilities as part of their contribution to society.
  • To equip leaders with skills and knowledge to tackle issues that affect the communities they belong to.
  • To develop a network of young adults, and encourage future collaborations and the sharing of resources among youth.