Revealing the secrets that will uncover God’s purpose for building our interpersonal relationships.

The first ever Victorious Secrets Conference was held on April 2nd 2016 with 160 people in attendance. This conference was designed to provide a forum where young adults can speak openly and find solutions to relationship issues that have often been ignored or deemed taboos in their homes and communities. We noticed that our young ones were making grave mistakes when it came to their sexuality and relationships. We recognize that they did not have a platform to voice their questions and concerns about sexuality and relationships. The VS Conference is an experience designed for young adults, by young adults, to gain a better understanding of our relationship with the Father and his purpose for our interpersonal relationships. As we host this conference each year, we believe that abortions, single motherhood, depression and unfulfilled destinies will come to an end. God’s people will know how to relate with the opposite sex according to how God has ordained it from the beginning of time.


  • To inspire young men and women to seek a stronger relationship with Christ, and in doing so, improving their interpersonal relationships.
  • To equip young adults with practical solutions to help them overcome stumbling blocks in building Godly relationships with the opposite sex.
  • Create a judgment-free zone, where any question can be asked freely without judgement.